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EURid blocks British .eu domain names after Brexit.

After Brexit came into effect on 31 December 2020, tens of thousands of EU domain names held by British businesses and people were put on hold. Because the domain names were put on hold, British users cannot access their .eu websites and e-mail addresses. any more.

The European Commission previously ruled that a .eu domain name can only be owned by a company located in or resident of the European Union (EU). Registrar Eurid will remove the EU domain names from British people on the first of July.

Only British people and British companies based in the EU can keep their domain name. Or they can also choose to register their domain name at an address in the EU, even if they do not live here.

LegalShares can help with this.

LegalShares originated from a law firm that has existed for almost 70 years and is very aware that more will change in the next 7 years than in the past 70. For LegalShares, the person and / or entrepreneur is the starting point and not their own earnings model. LegalShares is therefore a platform in which multiple disciplines work together.

If an EU Domain is important to you as a UK Company, then you want it to be registered securely and within the legal framework. After all, you do not want it to turn out to be resold to another company within the EU.

Many companies offer to host domain names, but without any warranty or expertise. You do have that guarantee and expertise at LegalShares, because they register your domain name through a foundation that has been in existence for 20 years, Stichting Escrow Zuid-Nederland.

It is managed by Mr. Charles Luckers, a lawyer with 40 years of experience and an office that has existed for almost 70 years: confidence and expertise. We only work together with hosting companies.