Brexit will change the registration and ownership of EU domain names.

From 1 July 2021, companies and private individuals in the UK with EU domain names must register at a registered address in the EU. Currently, all EU domains owned by these companies and individuals have been suspended. This means that the users cannot support their website, but also the linked email addresses no longer work. There is even a chance that the domain name will be revoked and not made available again for registration until January 2022 (by strangers and / or competitors!).

In short: this can be disastrous for the continuity of the companies and private persons who depend on websites and email addresses that fall under the EU domain.


If you are the holder of an EU domain name of which you or your company is located in the United Kingdom, you may no longer own this domain name after 1 July. This also applies to EU citizens residing or registered in the United Kingdom.


  • Companies based in the UK, with an EU domain name
  • Private individuals residing in the UK, with an EU domain name
  • EU citizen registered at a residential address in the UK, with an EU domain name


If you fall into one of the above categories, your EU domain name will be revoked in the period 30-3-2020 to 21-1-2022. This means that you can no longer maintain your website or use your e-mail address. It is therefore important to take quick action to change the status to available.

Please contact we are happy to help you.

  • We are a highly trusted party that originated from a law firm of> 70 years, with an independent Foundation for the Escrow of third-party rights, which has been active for 20 years and is managed by a lawyer with 40 years of experience in particular IT and Governance.
  • We make clear and firm agreements op paper regarding the ownership rights of the domain name, whereby the entity is clearly attributed to you.
  • Transferring the EU domain name to an institution located in the EU so that the EU domain name can be held is completely legal. This happens a lot and there are several providers for this, but few that are as reliable and knowledgeable as LegalShares and Stichting Escrow Zuid-Nederland.

Always make sure that you have entered the correct DNS setting so that your website and e-mail address will not be offline in the unlikely event and you must discover that it is no longer in the UK but in the Ukraine (or worse).


Even though the EU domain has no longer that much commercial value to you, beware of identity fraud. You run the risk that criminals will impersonate you; can you imagine that??




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